Ashley Chase is a fashion designer, textile designer, and artist, living in Venice, CA. She grew up on the island of Martha's Vineyard and quickly fell in love with the sea. As a child, she was inspired by the steel fishing boats and classic wooden sailboats in the harbors, the verdant landscape of the island, and the constant yet ever-changing ocean. 

Later, Ashley drew inspiration from traveling to places like Europe, Central America, Puerto Rico, and Indonesia. It was while living in Bali in 2008 that she launched her swimsuit label Ulu, and later a swim and beach lifestyle brand, SeaLove. For the past eight years, Ashley has promoted SeaLove, featured in boutiques and five-star resorts around the world. During this time she curated fashion shows, photoshoots, and found particular passion in illustrating and textile design.

Ashley uses the myriad of memories, travel experiences, and inspirations around her to bring her designs to life, and she looks forward to sharing this passion with the world as she continues to create.

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AshleyCassandra Portrait

Photo by Chandler Cook