The Lost Explorer

Collections: Mountain, Desert, Ocean and Jungle
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Role: Assistant design, technical development & project management

Work description: Lead developer & project manager for luxury eco-friendly (apparel, outerwear, accessories & apothecary) lifestyle brand. Create technical packages, spec garments, design original textile prints, review prototypes, source materials, components, packaging, trim suppliers & factories. Manage & facilitate all production operations from initial concept to final launch – including working with sales team to ensure all wholesale orders are entered accurately & leading the production team. Develop production schedule. Factory visits. Establish relations, conduct work orders & negotiate costs with suppliers & factories both domestically and internationally. Manage product costing. Create invoices & PO’s. Responsible for meeting major delivery deadlines. Provide client services – both retail & wholesale. Train new members of the team. Exhibit in showrooms. General office management.


Collection: Mountain

The tallest mountain in the solar system is named after Mount Olympus in Greece. To thrive at such altitude, explorers put on wool, cashmere, and cork. Square pockets are always advisable above 5000 meters.

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CAD Design

Collection: Desert

To look cool in a desert, choose camouflage prints and fresh colors. The goal is unimpeded movement under sometimes extreme circumstances, requiring a toolkit of organic cotton, hemp and linen, and simple, functional design.

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ashleychase cad design

Collection: Ocean

Our Ocean collection is inspired by the ocean lifestyle, the water and the wildlife that lives in and around her. For the month of February all profits from Ocean collection will be donated to initiatives that help protect the ocean and its inhabitants.


Collection: Jungle

Considering the wet heat, dense brush and moisture of a Jungle ecosystem, we made the signature attributes of this collection focus on ventilation, light-weight, and durable. Our key fabrics were our Swiss-made organic cotton ventile, natural-dyed organic cotton ripstop and micro-ripstop from Japan, and signature prints.

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